Clean and Elegant Simplicity


Lucent system is an innovative and minimal response to the ever-changing needs of the open office environment. It addresses the requirements for reasonable office space density, encourages visual connectivity, and promotes teamwork without sacrificing pathogenic safety, privacy, or daylight.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Lucent was born with an eye on details and a focus on simple and effective design solutions that would complement any space and adapt to the workplace’s diverse settings.



Lucent is not a “typical” back to back workstation system. Lucent provides spatial impact with a clean definition that stems from the simplicity and honesty of the materials. Glass, Wood, Stainless steel, and aluminum are combined with a crisp aesthetic that complements any interior identity. Simple modular logic allows for planning flexibility; clean lines help shape space, providing a sense of privacy while allowing light circulation and visual connection.

Space Planning Versatility 


Lucent system has endless configuration possibilities. Lucent building block elements can be combined to accommodate multiple work modes while keeping a unified aesthetic.


Independent & linked desks, small team or large conference rooms, lounge areas, pantries & receptions; every piece comes together smoothly, helping transition from activity to activity.


Customized solutions further enhance flexibility to navigate from focus work to group collaboration seamlessly.



Lucent offers flexibility through variations of dimensions and finishes. The basic building elements, Full safety glass, and stainless steel hardware add a clean definition to the workplace.


Glass Dimensions: 4′ to 6′ Height / Width according to desk dimensions.


Table Top Dimension: 4′ to 6′ Wide x 2′ to 3′ Deep.


Table Top Finishes: Solid wood, Veneer, Laminate. Other finishes per request.

Cable Management


The addition of a dual-compartment cable tray and grommet allows for simple and yet sleek power and data distribution even for the most complicated workstation configurations.



Lucent glass panels can be customized with colors, graphics, or corporate i.d. logos. Graphics can be integrated to support the most dynamic work environments for various aesthetics and work styles.


From minimal distraction bands or modesty bands to full privacy film and dynamic designs, the film can be customized, easily applied, or removed, further enhancing the system’s flexibility.


In addition, glass can be easily used as a marker board.

Add Ons 

Lucent system can be furnished with magnetic fabric panels and whiteboards.

Users can personalize workstations with hanging shelves, integrated storage, and coat hooks.

Sit-stand options and large scale meeting room configurations are available upon request.

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July 2020

Contract Magazine: 

Wing Partners introduces Lucent Desk Enclosure System.