Born in the renowned glass region of northeastern Italy and refined in the demanding world of New York City construction, Adotta Metafora is a distinctive, minimalist glass wall system. Its proprietary components are designed to exacting standards. The superfluous has been stripped away, leaving raw aluminum, glass and steel.


Aluminum profiles are cut on-site to field dimensions for nearly invisible seams in any finish. All connections are tightly sealed for superior acoustics. Frameless glass doors with exposed hardware stand bold and weightless. Metafora can adapt to any space with a multitude of customizations.

minimal profile only 1” high x 4” wide

fully integrated components

minimal with clean lines

profiles cut on site for seamless joints

anodized & powdercoat finishes

Elegantly frameless when open. Fully acoustically sealed when closed, with automatic drop seals available. Adotta Metafora swing doors can be up to 10′ high in either glass or wood in a variety of finishes, with options for self-closing and hold-open. Proprietary offset pivot hinges allow for 90-degree opening when against a wall and up to a full 180-degrees where space allows.

offset pivot hinge

acoustic dropseal

overhead arm closer





eurotype lockset

mortise lockset

ADA-compliant pulls

overhead closer


Italian-designed stainless steel locking hardware made by PBA, fully compliant with USA locking requirements and ADA codes. Hardware by other manufacturers can be specified. All other hardware components are designed by Adotta. Metafora can accommodate various devices such as room schedulers, but we do not provide any electronics ourselves -- we will coordinate with other contractors during installation.


Blind partitions with various finishes can be seamlessly integrated within the same glass wall system. At the IBM Watson office in NYC, we built an insulated solid wall with acoustic paneling on the bottom third, whiteboard with backpainted white glass on the middle third, and a clear glass clerestory above. All integrated within the same system, the GC provided a soffit and Wing Partners built the entire wall structure.

Solid partitions can support a wide range of finished surfaces to match furnishings, while leaving clear glass all around for a more open office environment.

Metafora solid walls are engineered to support furniture systems, tv monitors, electrical and data wiring.

We can build all of the walls in a space, to designers' specifications. Endless configurations of glass walls, doors, and solid panels are possible. Electric outlets can be placed on solid walls just as with any interior wall.

Acoustic paneling creates a more comfortable environment inside the office, with less echo or reverb.

No functionality is sacrificed compared to standard sheetrock walls. The steel interior structure of Metafora solid walls is engineered to support furniture systems, tv monitors, and electrical outlets.


 Adotta Metafora is precision-engineered to create an airtight seal for optimal acoustics. Extruded aluminum profiles snap together with no room to spare. Compressed foam tapes create an additional safeguard against sound leakage, and every edge of glass is sealed with strong resilient gaskets.

air-bubble acoustic gaskets at door jambs

automatic acoustic dropseal for swing door

receiving pocket with brush at sliding door

automatic acoustic dropseal for sliding door

Metafora can achieve exceptional acoustic ratings in a single-glazed system through the use of specialty acoustic glass. At solid walls, there is the potential for adding elements such as acoustic insulation as well as specialized acoustic wall cladding.