Adotta Wallen is designed from the ground up to be a fully featured glass wall system with all wood framing. Designed by GEZA Architects, Wallen is the winner of the 2017 Architizer+ Popular Choice Awards for Glass & Glazing Products. Underlying Wallen’s wood are solid structural components of extruded aluminum. With this combination, you get the aesthetics of real wood, while avoiding the seasonal expansion and contraction of purely wooden structures. Wallen offers seamlessly integrated doors and tightly sealed acoustic joints so you get the same performance that you’d expect from any metal-framed high end wall system.

wall connection

90-degree connection

three-way "T" connection

The Wallen wooden swing door is a focal point of the wall system. The door is completely flush with the outside when closed. When open, the concealed hinges and lockset are unobtrusive. Distinctive horizontal grain is a trademark of Wallen in five standard veneer finishes, and can be customized to match a sample for larger projects. Wallen swing doors can also be glass with a wood frame.

stainless steel lever set

custom bronze lever set

concealed swing door hinge